Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.
Success Stories

I want to thank you for working with us to adopt 8-year-old Buddy (now Roscoe). You were a pleasure to work with throughout the adoption process. I adopt cats 5 years and older, as everyone seems to "want" kittens and puppies - that is until they are no longer kittens and puppies. I see innumerable adult cats abandoned outside in my volunteer work. Finding senior animals (ages 7 and up) homes is important work for a rescue.

Your foster Taylor was amazing. She came to our house with Buddy on Valentine's Day. She shared information about how Buddy interacted at her house with other cats.

We wanted a companion for our 7-year-old female cat. At first she hissed at Buddy, but as you can see, they lay next to one another and now get along just fine. Buddy cuddles on the couch, in the bed, on the floor - just about anywhere. He loves to be brushed, usually comes when you call him and uses the litter box every day. He likes to be wherever you are in the house.  

Thank you for adopting a very special kitty!