Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.

Big and beautiful and super sweet Samson needs a foster home or a HOME where he can be loved on. Very friendly and he loves to be brushed! Samson is FIV+ therefore our rescue group cannot put him into our Petsmart adoption area. He will be on a waitlist to get him into Best Friends Animal Sanctuary but it will take some some for him to get there. He is a quiet guy but he does like to play especially with his wand toy. I trapped him along with several others who turned out not to be feral so of course we want to find them homes. He wracked up his nose in the trap so the missing hair you see is because the scab finally peeled off-He is really a nice cat. If you are interested in fostering or adopting please call Laurie 480-236-9453 Samson is about 4 years old and friendly with other cats.

Tennyson is a wonderful, friendly and sweet 3 year old male-FIV+He is healthy and sweet and okay with another polite kitty!!

Jordy and Jax are a wonderful pair of siblings 3 yrs old

Beautiful pair are 3 yrs old-Jax is the female torbie and Jordy is her orange tabby brother. They both have had all their teeth removed because of a horrible condition called Stomatitis. It is a disease where basically their mouths are allergic to the bacteria on their teeth. Removing the teeth usually helps remove the problem but not always. Sometimes a steroid shot is required now and then if inflammation flares up. I myself have 3 Stomatitis cats and removing the teeth has helped greatly. These kitties still can eat their kibble and love it but of course they like the wet food too. This pair is wonderful. Jordy sometimes has a rattle in his chest (possible touch of asthma) which he has always had. It comes and goes but you especially hear it when he gets excited. He doesn't act sick or anything he is just noisy LOL. They are wonderful babies who will do great in a quiet adult home and they do get along well with other kitties. Jordy is super sweet and friendly but his sister Jax is a tad more cautious when meeting new people. They are both friendly and sweet and it is time for them to finally find a home!!!