Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.
  Adoptable Cats
Roger is a very nice 4-5 year old Maine Coon mix?  He is a polydactyl boy also(extra toes) Roger likes humans but not other pets so he needs to be the only pet in a quiet, adult home.  He really likes women!!  Beautiful, big boy!!

Josie is a wonderful Tortoiseshell-front paw declawed

Mariah is a wonderful 3 yr old female-so loving with people-a lap kitty but she needs to be the only pet in the home-She doesn't want to share!

Clancey is a 4 year old super nice male-only pet! Very affectionate and like to chatter sometimes too.  Beautiful cat!!

Syrus is a wonderful 2 year old male-super nice kitty!!  Very loving and energetic-loves to play.  He is okay with small dogs.

Forrest is a doll.  He is a bit shy to start but such a lovebug-3 yrs old