Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.
  Adoptable Cats
Sid is a wonderful!!! 1.5 year old male lover-He is on Hills Prescription ID food

Sparkle is a 1 year old very sweet female-1 year

Bane and Vader are 6 yr old brothers-super duper sweet!!

Atticus is a 1 year old sweet male-lap kitty!

Shadow and Harley are sweet bonded sisters-2 yrs old

Peyton is a 1 year old love bug male-available soon...

Jax and Jordy are wonderful siblings 1.5 years old

JD is a shy 1 yr old male-will take a bit to get to trust you-loves other kitties

Rosie is a 3 year old female love-super social-nice cat!!

Sasha is gorgeous but shy female tabby-2.5 yrs













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