Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.


Freya is a sweet but sassy 9 month old female

Iris and Petunia are 6 months old-very sweet

Basil and Benson are super sweet brothers 3 months

Trixie, Daphne and Mabel are 3.5 months old

Little Mannie is a very tiny boy at 6 months

Billie and Bruiser are nice tabbies-7 months

Sassy and Delilah are about 3.5 months old-Delilah is undergoing some treatment for her eyes and they are looking much better

Mr. Man is a sweet but shy till he gets to know you boy-7 months

Valle is a super friendly, petite and very energetic 3 month old female-she likes to jump on your shoulders!

Keira is a petite 10 month old female-shy to start but friendly

Mr Biggs is a 4 month old male-sweet!! and his sister Babbs

Anthony is a shy boy-7 months old

Mia and Marlin are 3.5 month old siblings

Heidi and Tabbi are friends-about 6 months old

Indi(F), Treye(M), Sloan(M) and Lexi(F) are about 6 months old and super sweet