Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.


Angelo is ADOPTED!!!!

Mali is an 8 month old male polydactyl

Hermie is 12 weeks old-super sweet

Misty, Domino, Pistol and Boo are 4 months old-Domino is the male

4 Brothers- Opie, Ollie, Owen and Ozzie are 3 months old-available

Pixel, Esmeralda, Hunter, Orion and Brookie 2 10 weeks old

Myah, Jett and Choo Choo Charlie are 3 months old

Buddy and Tylette are coming soon.....

Brie is a wonderful 8-9 month old super nice female-available

Cherry and Sable are beautiful sisters and sooo sweet too!!

Patches, Jet, PepperJack, Oreo and Amber are coming soon......

Kyler is a sweet loving male-coming soon......

Roxie and Roger are wonderful siblings-3 months old-available

Mikey, Joey and Panther are 10 weeks old-available

Ewok, Rocket, Stubbs, Marmalade and Two-Tone are coming soon......they are all boys!!!

3 Blackies and 2 black and whites are coming soon......................



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