Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.


Aggie is 4.5 months old-very energetic and loving!

Cindy Lou and Reggie are a 6 month old pair-WONDERFUL KITTIES

Tom Tom is a sweet and playful 6 month old male

Zene(male) and Zaria(Female) are 9-10 month old siblings

Zsu Zsu and Zuri are 3.5 months old-sweet

Hawk is a 4 month old male

Cherry and Sable are super sweet sisters-6 months old

 Desta and Dondre are sweet 6 month olds

Fifi and Elaina are 5 months old-very nice kittens!!

Cowboy and Pidgeon are super sweet 3 months

Roxie is 6 months old-wonderful kitten

Dominick, Andre, Collette, Rafa and Jasmine are 5.5 months old

Cooper, Dane and Keira are 4.5 months old

 Greta is a beautiful and sweet gray ticked tabby-5 months


Lucy is a petite tortie/tabby mix female 5-6 months

Smoke, Emmy, Deirdre, Graycie, Cappy, Q, Willie and Tanner-4.5 months


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