Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.


Cherry and Sable are a pair of super sweet sisters-8 months old-These girls are so sweet they will melt your heart!

Bonnie, Cassie, Dilly and Bugsy are 5 months old females.  Bugsy and Dilly are polydactyl)

Rafiki is a sweet 6 month old female

Ari and Alex are 5 month old siblings

Cooper, Dane, Kyler and Guri are 7-8 month old males-sweet!!

Layla is a super sweet and beautiful female-6 months old and her friend Toby is about 6/7 months old

Taynga is a super sweet tortie female-coming soon

Willie and Cappy are 6 month old brothers

Fargo is a sweet 5 month old female


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