Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.


Goose, Gabe, Gia and Gabby are super sweet-3.5 months old (Gidget is mama)

Roscoe, Vinny, Leo and Peter are 5 months old

Vivian is a 4.5 month old shy but sweet female-great with other kitties

Bella and Lima are petite 6 month old sisters-they are a pair only and they are soooo wonderful!!!

Koi is a wonderful 4 month old female-super sweet

Oliver is a loverboy-4.5 months

Renge is a 5 month old male-super sweet

Charlie is a super sweet and loving but a tad shy 5-6 month old male

Luna, Lucy and Lucas are 4 months old

Ricki and Rex Rex are 4 months old

Mikey and Johnny are 3 month old brothers-lovebugs!!!!!