Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.

Gidget is a sweet 2 year old female-ONLY pet-Gidget is a lap kitty for sure-she is very nice but needs to be an only pet!

Leroy is a 2-3 year old big male-good with kittens but not older cats.
He is super friendly but likes to put his teeth on you or in you sometimes. LOL. He isn't aggressive at all its a quirk but sometimes he hurts though.  He will need an experienced adopter who isn't afraid of a kitty who does this.  Leroy is sooo friendly and fun.  He is like a BIG kitten!! He LOVES to play especially a laser light-That boy can move!!!!

Bruce is a very nice 3-4 year old male

Sweetie is a very nice 3-4 year old female-she is a bit shy to start but loves to be pet and will sleep with you!

Willow is a nice 6 year old female-she and Joey have been together for 6 years

Joey is an 11-12 year old longhair calico-her and Willow are buddies

Emily is a really sweet 2 year old female-she LOVES people but not other pets