Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.
Annabelle is a sweet 1.5 yr old female-only pet

Bee is an 11 yr old Himalayan female-needs to be the only pet-very friendly girl

Bee was rescued from the E-List and has been in a home with other cats.  Bee does not want to be in a home with other cats.  They think she was mistreated before her owners took her to the pound so it will take time for her to adjust in a new home.  Her foster mom says she is very sweet and follows her around.

Charlie is a 4-5 year old sweet female-she needs to be an only pet


Misty is a young adult female-gentle and sweet-a tad shy till she gets to know you
Gizmo is a super sweet 2.5 year old male-great with other cats

Sara is a 1 yr old sweet, petite and beautiful female















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